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Expert Laravel developer with extensive experience in building Laravel MVC projects using MySQL databases. Proficient in frontend frameworks like Vue JS and technologies like Bootstrap, JavaScript/TypeScript, jQuery, and AJAX

Online Tutorial

My all the tutorials are available on YouTube. I focuses on videos lectures rather than articles/blogs.

Technical Trends

I always keeps my content up-to-date with latest technology trends and features.

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I also provides free PDF’s and Coding ZIP with every video’s lecture and articles.

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Learn Coding With Me. I’m Shimanta Das works with Laravel, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX & Vue JS. I also make videos on Core Java, Core PHP, Dart, JavaScript etc.

About MicroCodes.in and Shimanta Das

I’m Shimanta Das, admin of MicroCodes.in , an open source community that provides open source apps on GitHub. I love building complex apps with Laravel MVC, Vue JS/Nuxt JS etc. and I use MySQL for my databases.
MicroCodes is not a company, but a community of developers who are passionate about open source software. Our goal is to support millions of developers and students with open source apps for their day-to-day work.

I currently works with Weavers Web Solutions as Junior Laravel Developer.

Open Source Community

We are an open source community, started by Shimanta Das with the motto of providing free access to open source software and tools.

Recent Completed Projects

I have developed many projects using Laravel, MySQL, jQuery, and AJAX.

Email Validator API

Email Validating Software which checks email with DNS & MX Record validation and disposable domain removal.

Technology: Laravel, MySQL & AJAX

Live Link: https://microcodes.in/emailvalidatorapi/public/

ChatBot Management System

Simple ChatBot designed for small businesses. Provides admin panel to manage chats from client-side.

Technology: Laravel, Core PHP, AJAX & MYSQL

GitHub: https://github.com/iamshimantadas/chats

Url: https://microcodes.in/chats/


Blogging plartform build using Laravel MVC and MySQL with tools like jQuery & AJAX.

Technology: Laravel, AJAX & MYSQL

GitHub: https://github.com/iamshimantadas/LaraBlogs

Url: https://microcodes.in/larablogs/public/




Successful Projects


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the admin of microcodes.in and why he started this website ?

Hi! I’m Shimanta Das, admin of microcodes.in. I started this in 2022 as my personal portfolio website. My motto is to create an open source community where developers with diverse skills and backgrounds can collaborate to build innovative and useful software.

Is there any subscription for downloading PDFs or Code ZIP from this website ?

No!! It’s absolutely free of cost.

Is microcodes is a company ?

We are an open source community of developers where we share our knowledge and collaborate on projects. As a Laravel developer, I am passionate about sharing my code and inviting others to contribute their suggestions.

Which language or framework I should start ?

If you want to be a web developer, I recommend starting with Core PHP, Laravel, and MySQL. All the necessary tutorials and articles are available on our YouTube channel and website. If you want to be a mobile developer, I recommend starting with the basics of the Dart language. This tutorial is also available on our website.